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#TeamSMR Dyme Of The Month: Te’Anna (@sheisteanna)


Dreams. Without them, there is no inspiration and without inspiration, there is no action, and without action, nothing happens. Detroit is a city built off of dreams, inspiration and action. Our automobile industry thrives there. It was the center of the universe for a long time for music. It’s fitting then, that a few decades ago, the beautiful Te’Anna was born there.
Not long after her birth, Te’Anna and her mother moved to Kentucky. Growing up was a mixture of bad and good, living in the ghetto at first, then moving on up to one of the wealthier neighborhoods. Early on she had aspirations to be a star, but her parents did not support her. This became one of many motivating factors that has led to her current success.
As an artist, Te’Anna’s musical inspirations developed during the 1990’s. Artists such as Aaliyah, Monica, SWV, Destiny’s Child were strong influences, and she has taken some of the best attributes of each and molded herself into a unique talent. Her natural looks allows her to be called upon for several modeling opportunities include hair/beauty and glamour.

Te’Anna has a goal to be the ultimate entertainer.

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