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A Star Was Born on a military base outside of Memphis, TN on March 9, 1983 to a father who was a Marine from Brooklyn, NY and a mother from New Bern, NC. Starleana Monique Green was raised in North Carolina where she graduated high school a semester early and went straight to college at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she graduated 4 years later with her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies.

Starleana is called Star by everyone who knows her. She has one child. A daughter named Star, age 6. God and little Star are major factors in her life. She gives all upcoming glory to God in advance. Star, a Bmi songwriter, is currently writing & working on her debut album entitled Star Green Is Wonda Woman. Her debut single from her album entitled Stop The Violence is featured on The Respect The Resume Volume 4 Mixtape Hosted by Rick Ross. Stop the Violence is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, Juke, Google Play, etc. Stop The Violence has received 4 Stars in the UK & is also now on Amazon in Japan.


Star is a model & X Squad DJ Model located on She delivers the entertainment news as a co-host for X Squad DJ Radio on Celebrity Sundays every Sunday from 5p-7p EST with the infamous Lucky Smith aka Da Promo King. Star is a confident but humble & egoless woman. Star is also 2 classes away from obtaining her Master’s Degree. Star Green Is Wonda Woman. The Album.

Twitter Hashtag #WONDA


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